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Using the information from your history and exam your doctor of chiropractic in Eden Prairie MN will conclude a diagnosis of the underlying problem and put together a care plan to restore your health. Our goal is not just to alleviate your symptoms but to repair the underlying cause of the symptoms so they do not return. If the power in your house was lost to your refrigerator, the food would start to go bad. You would not simply replace the food as it would also go bad. You need to find the circuit that was tripped and reset it. Similarly, the small vertebra in the spine can lose their normal alignment and function and affect nerve transmission to the body affecting your health.

Your Eden Prairie chiropractor will look for these spinal misalignments which are called subluxations. These subluxations can occur from different stressors such as prolonged emotional stress, chemical toxins and physical stress such as car collisions, sports injuries, birth trauma or lifting things around the house. These subluxations can be silent at first, much like a cavity in the tooth. The cavity is there way before it ever hits the nerve and you feel it. The longer subluxations are present the more arthritis and decay can occur in your discs and joints. Your adjustments will help arrest the progression of your arthritis.

To correct the vertebral subluxations chiropractors use a variety of procedures called an adjustment to take pressure off and stimulate the nerves to heal and improve the function of your spine. Some adjustments are performed with the hands and some may be done with the assistance of a specialized adjustment instrument. Occasionally the adjustment can have some minor discomfort associated with it, but this is usually from the inflamed tissues or tense muscles around the area being treated.

In addition to the adjustments your chiropractor may include therapies such as traction to gently decompress the spine prior to your adjustment, myofascial release to break up adhesions or scar tissue, rehabilitative exercises to improve strength and flexibility and nutrition to support healing. We simply want to remove those things which interfere with the body’s natural healing ability. Preventing its reoccurrence is an important factor as well and your chiropractor will discuss this with you near the end of care to see what may be the best option for you.


  • How long do you want to keep guessing at how to get better?
  • How many days of missing out on the fullness of your life can you take anymore?
  • How much longer can you afford to stay stuck in misery and your circle of symptoms?
  • How long do you want to keep guessing and hoping it will get better?
  • What if you didn’t do anything and you actually got worse?


Have you ever had tightness, pain, or stiffness in your neck? Chances are, you’ve had this happen to you. Neck pain is a common problem due to the complexity of the mechanics, structure, and function of your spine. Neck pain or recurring pain is a definite sign that something serious is wrong. Even minor neck stiffness can be a signal that something is wrong inside your spine and you should seek a professional evaluation from a specialist, such as a chiropractic physician.

Injuries and imbalances can cause cervical vertebrae to move out of their normal position or become restricted. Soft tissues (such as tendons, ligaments and muscles) can become inflamed, worn out and fatigued. The cervical discs, which function as cushioning and help with movement, separating and cushioning the cervical vertebrae can begin to decay and lead to disc bulges or ruptures (herniations) and cause neck pain. This degenerative decay in the discs is an ongoing disease process and needs to be stopped to avoid further pain and loss of function in the future. Nerves can become pinched or irritated from misaligned spinal areas or bulging discs. It doesn’t take much pressure to cause irritation, only the weight of a dime. Finally, the neck changes as we age. There are several age-related changes that can occur to your spine, often referred to as arthritis. The neck can lose its healthy curve due to deterioration of the muscles or ligaments, have degenerating discs, or even grow bone spurs. All of these degenerative changes can cause irritation to the nerves in the spine and neck.

People often seek treatments for neck pain such as muscle relaxants, pain killers or tranquilizers. These medical treatments should not be the first option because they only “cover up” the pain; they do nothing for the underlying cause which is why when you stop taking the pills the pain returns or increases. More drastic medical interventions include steroid injections or even surgeries that have lists of risks. Long term use of medications can lead to unwanted side effects and damage internal organs such as your liver and kidneys. There are over 400,000 deaths each year from improperly prescribed medications. Here at Prairie Spine we approach neck pain with care to locate the underlying cause and repair it. Your doctor of chiropractic will perform a complete history and thorough examination with special attention to the spine and its affect on the nervous system. Once the dysfunction is repaired the spine moves normally and most importantly the spinal nerves are no longer irritated or pinched allowing proper nerve flow to the different body areas. Many research studies have proven chiropractic medicine to be more effective and safer the other forms of traditional care. One study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that patients who received chiropractic care reported significant improvement in their neck function and a reduction in their neck pain whereas those taking pain-killers did not.

Back Pain

If you are experiencing acute or chronic back pain then chiropractic care in Eden Prairie is a great option to breakthrough your pain. Most people experience back pain during their life which can vary between mild strain to debilitating. If you are stuck with acute or recurring symptoms of back pain we have your solution!

There are many parts to the back which make it a complicated area to treat. Problems with the muscles ligaments, discs and bony vertebrae can all contribute to your symptoms of back pain. Chiropractors address the underlying cause of your pain by identifying whether you have nerve stress from spinal misalignment, arthritis or soft tissue damage. Once we identify what the cause of your back pain is then we put together a personalized symptom breakthrough plan that will be clear and geared for optimal results in the shortest amount of time. All you need to do is follow it. Techniques utilized are Diversified, Activator, Thompson Drop and ART. It’s very exciting to get back pain relief and great results and we will be with you every step of the way.


Headaches can mean different things to different people, but most basically, it is pain in the head. They occur on the front, back, or sides of your head. They can even occur behind your eyes or towards the top of your neck. They can feel anywhere from sharp and stabbing to dull and aching. For some, headaches, such as migraine headaches, can be debilitating.

The list of causes for headaches is long one. It includes: stress, allergies and sinus pressure, eye strain from prolonged reading or computer use, changes in blood sugar or blood pressure, dehydration, medications, and more. Headaches may be triggered by different types of foods such as cheese, alcohol, or additives. One thing we would like everyone to know about headaches is that although they may be common, headaches are NOT normal. It is your body sending you a message that there is something wrong. Do you want to simply turn that message off with aspirin or ibuprofen? We think not.

There is a different way to treat headaches, a better way. Chiropractic is drug free, and should be your first line of defense against headache symptoms. Migraines, cluster headaches, and tension-type headaches are a few of the many types of headaches. Tension headaches are the most common and often described as a tightness or pressure in the head often coming from the neck. They are often triggered by sustained contraction of small muscles just under the base of your skull called suboccipital muscles. Often stress on these muscles come in combination with misalignments in your spine called subluxations. Subluxations can put pressure on and irritate the nerves exiting the spinal column. These nerves in your neck control function and healing of everything in your neck and even into your head as well as down into your arms and hands. These subluxations, or misalignments of your vertebrae (bones of your spine), will often cause symptoms such as headaches.

At Prairie Spine, we know that if the bones of your spine are fixated or out of alignment, medications will most definitely not fix the problem. It is a short-term cover up while the problems and structures remain the same causing your headache to come right back. We look for the root cause and address it. By addressing your misalignment, through specific chiropractic adjustments, providing instruction on posture, diet, lifestyle, and specific exercises that you can easily perform at home you will get the symptom breakthrough you want.


One type of headache is a Migraine Headache. Migraines are severe, recurrent headaches that can be accompanied by other symptoms such as visual disturbances or nausea. There are two types of migraine – classic and common. A classic migraine has an “aura” or warning associated with it that precedes the headache. The aura is often a visual disturbance (like seeing stars or zigzag lines or a temporary blind spot.)

A common migraine does not have such a warning before the head pain begins. Migraines can often be quite debilitating. Migraines tend to affect women more often than men and are more common between the ages of 10-45 years old. The standard approach to managing migraines has been drug therapy; drugs, however, do not treat the root cause of the disorder and often have unpleasant side effects.

Chiropractic adjustments can help provide migraine pain relief by alleviating any misalignments in the vertebrae of the upper cervical spine (upper neck). These misalignments cause irritation to the nerves traveling between the brain and spinal cord and to the blood vessels traveling to the head. By correcting the vertebrae in the upper neck, normal nerve and blood flow is returned and many patients suffering from migraine headache pain are able to get long term relief from their symptoms.



Numbness is an altered sensation and loss of feeling. This is due to an abnormal sensory nerve function. Many times there is numbness that is a very specific spot and is often accompanied by tingling in the same area. The numbness and tingling sensation similar to the feeling of having a foot “fall asleep” is a familiar one. This same combination of numbness and tingling can occur in any region of the body and may be caused by a wide variety of disorders.

Why does this happen? When there is interference in the nerve pathway you may notice a change in sensation. Direct compression on nerves causes paresthesias, or loss of sensation. There can be short-lived compression from things such as carrying a purse or backpack or more chronic compression, with entrapment syndromes from tight muscles or misaligned vertebrae in your spine.  This can happen from a sports injury, car accident, bulging disc, slip and fall or repetitive motion injury.

Prairie Spine can determine the exact area of numbness or loss of sensation, we can better determine which nerves are being compressed and irritated. When we discover the root cause of your health challenges we can be assured you are on your way to optimal health. You will breakthrough your vicious symptom circle.

Leg Pain


For many people, problems in the lumbar vertebrae (the lower part of the spine) or discs can lead to crippling pains across the buttock and down the leg, due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. Commonly called sciatica, this type of pain can severely restrict movement, as well as cause considerable discomfort and misery to sufferers. If you are experiencing leg pain, our experienced chiropractor for sciatica could help. We provide a clear action plan to restore the function of your spine and nervous system, so you feel better as fast as possible and can return to enjoying life.  What Makes Our Symptom Breakthrough Process Unique?  When we discover the root cause of your pain we can be assured you are on your way to optimal health. You will breakthrough your vicious symptom circle.

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