Are You Suffering From Neck Pain in Eden Prairie MN?

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There’s a reason people use the phrase, “a pain in the neck.” When you suffer from daily chronic pain in Eden Prairie MN it becomes difficult to remember what life was like without it. Neck problems can make even simple tasks seemingly impossible or even agonizing. Not only that, but left untreated, neck problems can cause further complications, such as headaches or upper body discomfort for example. You may even experience muscle weakness from long-term immobility.

Recognizing the cause of your neck pain is a fundamental step toward getting the treatment you need to live pain-free and heal your spinal column over time. Eden Prairie MN chiropractic care has been proven to help with chronic conditions like this one by focusing on healing at its source, which means longer-lasting relief than traditional treatments!


The neck is a small but complicated area of the body. It has to do the important work of holding up your head! Although it's not THAT big, there are many tricky structures in this part of our spinal cord that can cause pain if they're injured or overworked – the following are some reasons neck pain may occur:

  • Trauma (such as whiplash)
  • Sleeping in awkward positions
  • Bad Posture
  • Recurring stress on the muscles
  • Oddities and abnormalities in the bone structure
  • Problems in the joints
  • Muscle strains and sprains

The brain's control center for body movement is located in the neck. Any issues that have roots in this area can result in chronic pain, muscle spasms, or other related problems throughout your entire body!

Some people let spinal problems go untreated, hoping the pain will take care of itself. But in some cases, waiting can cause even more serious damage to your body and leave you with no choice but surgery. Even if you think the pain has gone away, it can continue to irritate and put pressure on the area, and might soon return.


Neck pain is not only uncomfortable but also causes people to have a lot of difficulty going about their daily lives. They've often been prescribed medication or turned to over-the-counter options with mixed results. Interestingly, massage therapy has become more sought after recently as a way to relieve some muscle tightness. However, if your neck pain is rooted in your bones or joints, the above options won’t do you much good.

Chiropractic care can help you identify and eliminate any structural issues that may be going in your neck, in order to bring an end to this discomfort once and for all. The team here at Prairie Spine is ready to help by providing a personalized recovery plan tailored specifically to you. We don't want you to suffer any longer, so call today to begin feeling better again!


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