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Leg Pain

Eden Prairie Chiropractor for Leg Pain

Do you have leg pain? For many people, problems in the lumbar vertebrae (the lower part of the spine) can lead to crippling pains across the buttock and down the leg, due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. Commonly called sciatica, this type of pain can severely restrict movement, as well as cause considerable discomfort and misery to sufferers. If you are experiencing leg pain, our experienced chiropractor for sciatica could help.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

We are a family-owned, friendly chiropractic practice that has been operating since 2001 in Eden Prairie. Our goal is to provide our patients with accessible, high-quality chiropractic care. We offer same day appointments as well as scheduled visits, enabling you to get rapid treatment if required. In many cases, prompt chiropractic leg adjustment can begin to make a positive difference after just one treatment!

Chiropractor for Sciatica Pain Relief and Prolonged Care

Chiropractic treatment is widely tolerated and suitable for people of all ages and states of health. Treatment usually consists of a thorough initial assessment, followed by a series of spinal manipulations. Patients are also frequently given a series of exercises to complete on a regular basis. The exercises are usually designed to strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected area, reducing the risk of the sciatica reoccurring. Specific exercises may also help to minimize painful pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Local Eden Prairie Chiropractor for Sciatica and Back Injuries

We offer a wide range of services, treating not only sciatica but also a number of other acute and chronic spinal conditions, as well as athletic injuries. Our team is active in the local community, educating schools and groups on preventing spinal injury. We also accept most forms of insurance. Call us at (952) 974-2091 to schedule an appointment or find out more.

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